Considering Tesla as an Uber car ? Watch this interview who has done this for some time now !

Uber and EVs a marriage made in Electric Heaven ???

Tesla Owners Club – June meet up – Sydney Power Cruise

This was a fun day meeting about 30 Tesla owners of NSW for a drive from Sutherland Shire to Thirroul Beach along the coastal route and via The Royal National Park rainforest.

The drive from Bald Hill was via the iconic Sea 🌊 Cliff Bridge 🌉 – watching 30 Tesla’s take over the bridge was a phenomenal sight. Yes I managed some “remember for a long time” drone footage and picture.

View Full video of this fabulous day here :

Tesla’s most important creation ever … and it doesn’t even have wheels.


This in my humble opinion is Tesla most important creation yet ! In time of utmost need it’s extremely heartening to know that @Tesla is stepping up to the challenge. A massive respect to Team Tesla.

And this is also the one Tesla creation I wish NOBODY has any need for and NEVER ever get to see.

I cannot take any credit for the schematic. I’ve just faithfully recreated it.