In Quest of mobile AC charging versatility – a 3 part series.


This is the Tesla Universal Mobile Charger which come included in every Tesla vehicle you buy.





Multiple solution to suit every need via



Premium one stop solution via Juice Technology

To buy the Aussie edition you could visit : Jet Charge

Tight garage space vs Tesla – there maybe an update to our cars soon!

I have extremely limited space in my garage and it’s an tight fit to park a big car like the Mode X as you can see in the video I made a while ago. Click here :

I have been asking Elon for a long time for a possible update on auto park. Coz now we can’t go any closer than 20 cms and it doesn’t cut it for folks like me.

Today ( 26.09.2019 ) Elon was kind to reply to my tweet and maybe we would get a something. The fact that we can request for a feature and it does eventually find its way into the cars is awesome in itself.

Tell me of any other car that you owned which became better AFTER you bought it. And for FREE too. This is Tesla for you folks. Is a no brainer now.

Absolute NO BRAINER !

The tweet thread and the impressions are as follows.

Sick of them lies !

I was absolutely appalled by the staggering number of untruths out there. I always told myself these are definitely surely misguided sheep 🐑 until I witnessed a taste of the malicious intent and coordinated attacks on Tesla and Elon Musk. It was pure malice among a section of the group that calls themselves $TSLAQ. Vested interested who make money when a company fails. What amazed me was why would Americans want an American company, which is set an ambitious task of saving the world, fail ?

The answer was quite simple.

Money. Loads and loads of it. Fuelled ( pun intended ) by Greed. Potent mix.

When a high school mate sent me the video of a man sleeping in his Tesla Model S, seemingly oblivious to repeated attempts to arouse him – I told him – “ This is FAKE or Heavily Doctored mate “

More over you can wake up a sleeping man. But a man faking his sleep will “sleep” indefinitely.

He told me “ Debunk it mate “

That was the brain child of this video. Coz I was sick of them lies.

I said Enough is Enough !


The overwhelming response to this video is really heartening. It felt good to do the right thing. When Tesla slips we are the one who call it out. We the owners who use these cars everyday. Enjoy it everyday. Trust ourselves and our families in it everyday. We call out Tesla.

So it is but natural that we come to defend Tesla when there is BS pedalled around.

As a feather in my cap, the man himself liked the post. My day is made. After all, it is for the love of the man who makes owning a car and driving it such a fun experience and not a chore, is why we do what we do

Thank you Elon