Are you waiting for a long range Tesla Model 3 well today is your lucky day !

Tesla has finally ( it didn’t take them too long did it ) opened Long Range Model 3 in the Aussie design studio bringing joy to loads of Aussie Model 3 fans.

Did you know that the base colour is now Pearl Multi-coat white. Did you order a Pearl white option and was quoted the increased price well you can go into your design page and edit your order and save on the price difference.

Did you order a Performance Model 3 and wished there was a white interiors option or did you order the performance upgrade well…go on now edit that order. In most cases you do keep your delivery date if the August range. Rumour has it that the Model 3 deliveries would be from last week of August.

In this new round of change Model X and Model S are no longer offered in the Standard Range variety. Long range is the only range, Tesla seems to say.

A very Tesla handout indeed !!!

This was an absolutely fun day with Tesla Tom. If you are in the vicinity visit this gorgeous spot : Sublime Point Lookout

If you have time to spare : check out Sunday breakfast buffet ! Please check the other post on Tesla Owners Club meet-up for more pictures and info about this hidden gem.

Hidden Gem Series ~ Sublime Point, NSW – Royal National Park , Grand Pacific Drive and Bald Hill – Tesla Owner’s Club, Australia meetup

Thank you for all the love

A year ago when I decided to make this blog to share my experience of owning a Tesla Model X in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia, I was convinced that nobody would care. There were dime a dozen Youtube channels and Vlogs about Tesla. But now one year on and after 399 likeminded ”friends”, many of whom I’ve never even met :

Just one thing I can say :


I promise to make and share good quality content.