Sorry Tesla we will NOT agree to this Cash Grab… unless …

Before you @ me … read on to know why …

Said Robyn Denholm

Here I go through some of the point on my option which make this a poor idea. Shortsighted at best. And reeks of Cash Grab !

This is NOT a great idea without some very deep Australia and New Zealnd specific commitments by Tesla

  1. Need all Tesla cars to be made available. Not just a truncated Also Ran list of Cars – that includes real
    Verbal and written commitment to bring all the cars. If some cars are not possible to be brought make it clear from the beginning.
    Case in point : Model S / X / Cybertruck.

This trend of letting people reserve / order the cars – locking them into a loop of financial planning and then telling them sorry is a SAD way of doing business. Does not exude confidence.

  1. Issue of FSD. Need to make it clear. Will it come soon. Or won’t it Come. So many have sold on their car without realising FSD at all. I recently sold my 2020 Model 3. And NO FALSE promises on value of the car increasing with FSD. NO IT when Tesla
    Buys back you car they are NOT offering more coz there is FSD.
  2. Deep commitment on Superchargers. Yes they are opening heaps. And for that we ARE ABSOLUTELY delighted. But more of the outback needs served. So many underserved areas on the South East. Again the argument that ONLY the periphery of Australia is populated is A NON Flyer issue.
  3. MOST importantly establish a battery facility IN AUSTRALIA. Make that strong commitment. Then ask for the incentives.
    Otherwise the Aussie people will consider this a cash grab request.
  4. While we are at it a Tesla AUZ on 𝕏 Handle will be great. Not a must. But It would boost public confidence.

If these deep commitments are strongly addressed then asking for more incentives can be “somewhat” justified. And will be meaningful.

Don’t forget most states have ALREADY some form of incentives for cars.

Hope Robyn will send this message to the board.

MASSIVE NEWS : Now any EV can charge in an Aussie Supercharger!!!

BREAKING NEWS : @Tesla opens a massive number of Australian Superchargers to Non Tesla EVs

Our own @Rizflip ( Riz Akthar ) broke the news on @TheDriven_io

Tesla opens a massive number of Superchargers in Australia

Mates, this is breaking news.

Tesla opens up nearly half its supercharger sites in Australia to non-Tesla EVs, and this is brilliant news.

Our very own Riz Akhtar of CarLoop has put this out on and I’ll link that article in the description of this video too.

Now, Tesla opens nearly half its superchargers in Australia. Now, we all know that Tesla superchargers are unparalleled because they have a great 99.5% uptime, which is unparalleled in the industry here in Australia, and they have a massive number of Tesla superchargers. Right now, nearly half of its 63 supercharger sites are now open.

We all know that back in January, they did a pilot project where they opened five sites in New South Wales, like in Bathurst, Dubbo, Holleyden, Noroma and Tamworth to non-Tesla EVs, and now they’re opening nearly half of it.

This is a huge boon to all EVs here in Australia 🇦🇺
thanks @elonmusk

In Tesla’s books as well, this is a great thing because now these superchargers have become money printing machines.

You can now charge money for these superchargers. I’m going to show you the superchargers that are opened.

Tesla founder, CEO Elon Musk had previously said, the company aims to open various parts of the technology and infrastructure.

We know that many of the technology is open sourced in Tesla’s front, and we know that in the US as well, many companies, including Ford and GM, have opted to support Tesla superchargers in their EVs straight away.

I guess that will happen here in Australia as well, and this is great.

Now, let’s look at the superchargers that are supported.

For me, the Berry supercharger opening to non-Tesla superchargers is great. Berry is one of the most gorgeous supercharger sites. It is in a vineyard called Silos Estate, gorgeous site overlooking the vineyard as well.

Berry Supercharger

Campbelltown is now open for non-Tesla EVs. There are other things that are opened.

Campbelltown Tesla Superchargers

So the parity between owning a Tesla and a non-Tesla here in Australia is starting to close with a number of EVs that are coming to our shows. This is a great set of news.

In the last part of this video, I’m also going to show you how to set up your Tesla app so that you can use it to charge your non-Tesla EV. link here : Tesla opens up nearly half of its Supercharger sites in Australia to non-Tesla EVs.

ROBOTAXI 2024 is a real possibility| Elon Musk Demonstrates FSD beta V12

Elon Musk on Saturday 26th of August demonstrated FSD beta V12 on his Plaid Model S.

It was a brilliant demo of V12 by @elonmusk and along for the ride was Tesla AI extraordinaire @aelluswamy

Most important things I gleaned from this run :

  1. There is no code to program the real world
  2. Loads and loads of good quality labeled data fed to NN and it learns – learns what a road is, what a traffic light is – what a pedestrian is – what a cyclist is and so on.
  3. Tesla will spend 2M $ in training the compute– NOT the commute – so make it a much more robust self learning network.

Elon Quote : It is not the binary but the weight (mike drop)

Simply mind blowing stuff.

Why u should watch this video:

  1. I have clean up Elon’s drive, sharper images and sped up some silent parts.
  2. Add more Footage of FSD handling similar situations.

I have an multi clip synopsis of the entire FSD beta V12 live stream on 𝕏- click link. ( MUST SEE )

Some of the clips are here to view too. But the 𝕏 thread has so much more.

Tesla replied to Tesla Owners Club Australia – Full story here.

This is the reply from Tesla for the survey from Tesla Owners Club Australia ( TOCA ) and Tesla Owners Club New Zealand, with regards to the RHD Model S and Model X cancellation and the subsequent members survey.

While it is still disappointing that we won’t be seeing such a phenomenal vehicle in our midst we can somewhat understand that the Aussie and NZ numbers were inconsequential to the overall numbers of Tesla.

My thoughts stay the same. I still think the Tesla Model X Plaid is The GOAT. Particularly after I did a review of the LHD Plaid in Los Angeles in July of 2023.

Now with the Standard range Model X and Model S launched it looks like Tesla is looking to clear the inventory.

This makes me STRONGLY believe that an ALL NEW Model S and X UNDATED version is very much in development and we can STILL HOPE that we will get those beauties in our midst. In the near future.

I STILL HOPE that we will get those beauties in our midst. In the near future.

– Nash

Read full excerpt below.

“We acknowledge and thank the owner’s clubs and their members for their continued support of our mission and appreciate you sharing the feedback regarding the right hand drive Model S and Model X vehicle program.

We were equally disappointed with the news and the subsequent impact it would have on our local customers.

Engineering constraints meant that right hand drive production could not be accommodated, with impacted markets unable to affect the outcome. All options to supply were explored, resulting in the availability of left hand drive vehicles in markets where they are permitted, such as the UK and Japan.

As orders are unable to be fulfilled, cancellations are being processed as per the terms of the pre-order/order agreement, with full refunds being provided. As a gesture of goodwill, all affected customers in right hand drive markets have been offered a purchase credit, should they find a current vehicle that suits their needs.

While we understand the disappointment, this does not impact the service and parts support for our global vehicle fleet. Locally, we continue to invest in and expand our service coverage around Australia and New Zealand. This includes new service centre locations, mobile service vehicles (including a pilot of mobile glass and tyre), body repair centres and parts distribution centres, allowing us to drive continual improvements to the ownership experience for all vehicle models.”