Sick of them lies !

I was absolutely appalled by the staggering number of untruths out there. I always told myself these are definitely surely misguided sheep 🐑 until I witnessed a taste of the malicious intent and coordinated attacks on Tesla and Elon Musk. It was pure malice among a section of the group that calls themselves $TSLAQ. Vested interested who make money when a company fails. What amazed me was why would Americans want an American company, which is set an ambitious task of saving the world, fail ?

The answer was quite simple.

Money. Loads and loads of it. Fuelled ( pun intended ) by Greed. Potent mix.

When a high school mate sent me the video of a man sleeping in his Tesla Model S, seemingly oblivious to repeated attempts to arouse him – I told him – “ This is FAKE or Heavily Doctored mate “

More over you can wake up a sleeping man. But a man faking his sleep will “sleep” indefinitely.

He told me “ Debunk it mate “

That was the brain child of this video. Coz I was sick of them lies.

I said Enough is Enough !


The overwhelming response to this video is really heartening. It felt good to do the right thing. When Tesla slips we are the one who call it out. We the owners who use these cars everyday. Enjoy it everyday. Trust ourselves and our families in it everyday. We call out Tesla.

So it is but natural that we come to defend Tesla when there is BS pedalled around.

As a feather in my cap, the man himself liked the post. My day is made. After all, it is for the love of them man who makes owning a car and driving it such a fun experience and not a chore, is why we do what we do

Thank you Elon 


Why we defend Tesla against FUD, despite us not being Americans nor holding Tesla stock is coz we love the cars a lot and we know that a fair chuck of lies are peddled.

There were a lot of voices of reason and some unreasonable comments in this thread. But I think it’s a worthy read.

Preface: What started out as a post by good friend @_TeslaTom about Model 3 enroute to Canberra ( which incidentally at the time of this post gathered 13k views ) possibly triggered way too much eyeballs for comfort.

What followed was a long back forth between EV and Tesla enthusiasts and the naysayers. There were some reasonable observations from both sides.

Let me add that most of the folks on this thread, I don’t know previously nor have I met nor interacted with. ( many of them including @AusTeslaOwners – kept up the thread when I was busy / occupied )

They just joined in coz they saw through a lot of the lies as we are owners who actually use the cars extensively. Trust ourselves and our loved ones inside them. And quite frankly these cars are the best I’ve / we’ve ever owned in my life….Ever….

I’m not gonna be judgmental nor say which group had more facts and which group had more FUD fuel ( Fear.Uncertainty.Doubt.)

I’ll let you decide.

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Read. Ponder. Decided.

Update ( 26.08.2019) : after a lot of trolling which kept exposing $TSLAQ double standards and their lack of integrity I was unceremoniously blocked from several accounts which support TSLAQ and propagate venom against Tesla and Elon Musk.

I was not aware of this previously, but that is the tact of this group it seems, shoot and run away. When presented with hard facts they just block you on Twitter. As seen clearly in this following thread, our language was civil and we have only presented facts. Let me rephrase, we presented with MOST of the facts supporting EVs and Tesla. Some of the facts THEY provided THEMSELVES which made them look quite silly coz it showed that their didn’t even bother to read the material they posted.

I was able to capture a few of the screenshots. Not sure if a copy of the entire thread be possible to retrieve.

I want to reiterate again that there definitely were a few voices of reason and civility. But trolls spoil everything !!!

Reason: But this may help folks make up an informed decision. That’s why we engaged in this conversation knowing full well that some of the comments were just trolls. It was not for their benefit, coz we know that sooner or later internet trolls have no substances and would engage in name calling, which will make them look stupid and silly.

I’ll let you decide what’s reasonable. And what’s not.

Thanks for reading. I tried to make screen grabs as relevant as possible. But it was an all out attack. But I think it’s one attack we kept our head above waters.

Tesla’s object recognition rocks !!!

I was completely blown away.

This is my experience at a drive through recently.

Cycles perched on the back of a UTE ( truck ) in front of my Model X and the car recognises  that right away. Very impressive

And this was raised in the recent Autonomy Day Event as well as correctly pointed out by fellow twitter mate here