Tesla replied to Tesla Owners Club Australia – Full story here.

This is the reply from Tesla for the survey from Tesla Owners Club Australia ( TOCA ) and Tesla Owners Club New Zealand, with regards to the RHD Model S and Model X cancellation and the subsequent members survey.

While it is still disappointing that we won’t be seeing such a phenomenal vehicle in our midst we can somewhat understand that the Aussie and NZ numbers were inconsequential to the overall numbers of Tesla.

My thoughts stay the same. I still think the Tesla Model X Plaid is The GOAT. Particularly after I did a review of the LHD Plaid in Los Angeles in July of 2023.

Now with the Standard range Model X and Model S launched it looks like Tesla is looking to clear the inventory.

This makes me STRONGLY believe that an ALL NEW Model S and X UNDATED version is very much in development and we can STILL HOPE that we will get those beauties in our midst. In the near future.

I STILL HOPE that we will get those beauties in our midst. In the near future.

– Nash

Read full excerpt below.

“We acknowledge and thank the owner’s clubs and their members for their continued support of our mission and appreciate you sharing the feedback regarding the right hand drive Model S and Model X vehicle program.

We were equally disappointed with the news and the subsequent impact it would have on our local customers.

Engineering constraints meant that right hand drive production could not be accommodated, with impacted markets unable to affect the outcome. All options to supply were explored, resulting in the availability of left hand drive vehicles in markets where they are permitted, such as the UK and Japan.

As orders are unable to be fulfilled, cancellations are being processed as per the terms of the pre-order/order agreement, with full refunds being provided. As a gesture of goodwill, all affected customers in right hand drive markets have been offered a purchase credit, should they find a current vehicle that suits their needs.

While we understand the disappointment, this does not impact the service and parts support for our global vehicle fleet. Locally, we continue to invest in and expand our service coverage around Australia and New Zealand. This includes new service centre locations, mobile service vehicles (including a pilot of mobile glass and tyre), body repair centres and parts distribution centres, allowing us to drive continual improvements to the ownership experience for all vehicle models.”

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