SNEAK PEEK: this is an upcoming update to SentryView app on iOS

This is a cool app on iOS which allows one to directly access the videos stored on USB directly on an iOS device. The initial version of the app allowed access videos “wirelessly” but that was a wee bit slow due to the inherent speed of wifi on the SanDisk Connect USB stick. Now the developer is in the process of adding functionality. I had foe opportunity to beta test the update. Now it’s much easier coz it can now work with iXpand USB sticks from SanDisk again.

SentryView app on iOS : SentryView

His twitter profile is here :  @StatsTeslaApp

Below is the original video of the wireless set up if you need it. It has a deep dive into how to set up and such.


If you need help with the USB formatting, for Tesla Cam – more information is here :

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