How does Yoke Ste Wheel Work in reAl world Testing – a simulation

Making video is included to show how I managed to do this simulated drive. Does give us a perspective on what would eventuate.


This is the update we have all been waiting for. After years of rumours and hoping most of us had given up hope. We thought that @Tesla was gonna discontinue the Model X. Elon said as much too in many tweets and barely veiled leaks.

Such a surprise to see the All New Refreshed Model S and Model X after all of that !!!

So it does come as a massive surprise to see the S and X refreshed ! I for one was hoping ( fingers and toes 🤞 ) that the refresh will not touch the exterior of these beauties !! I love the Model S and Model X as they are.

So it seems like my prayers to the Martians 👽 has been answered and the