Weekends Fun in the Sun : Model X ☀️ 🔋 ⚡️

Weekend are loads of fun. And when you travel to a fun destination like Jervis Bay, that fun is accentuated. And now imagine you are NOT adding to the pollution in that region the joy is quadrupled!




Funding Secured – $420 – Why I feel it’s a personal victory.

I feel personally vindicated. Extremely satisfied and I will tell you why.


March of 2018 is when we placed our order for my first Tesla – Model X. After years of contemplation and saving we finally bit the bullet. And as my daughter puts it, “ Daddy gave himself a huge birthday gift !!! “

he said “ if it’s not too late cancel the order “

Well you could say that. But it was for her as well. It was a family car and it was The Family’s car.

One in which we’re gonna ( yes we have been having ) have the most fun.

But one of the first calls was from a good mate of mine, who had heard from another mate that I had placed an order for a Tesla.

The Mrs heard the conversation as well and she was quite upset, coz we had been saving for over four years to make this investment.

I vividly remember the call. He was on speaker phone and we were driving to Sydney from Wollongong. And he was really serious when he asked “ mate, have you actually paid for the car “

I said, “ no, not yet “

he said “ if it’s not too late cancel the order “

I was aghast. I asked with as even a voice as if could muster “ what the story mate, I think it’s a good car “

he said “ that maybe the case, but with the crazy CEO at the helm, the company is gonna go bust in a matter of months “

The Mrs heard the conversation as well and she was quite upset coz we had been saving for over four years to make this investment.

Until then I had never looked at the FUD machine in earnest. Coz I knew that they were just that – FUD and nothing more.

But after that mate’s call I saw it in new light. Then I knew that FUD worked coz it had reached the ears of lay people. And when it cane from seemingly reputable institutions ( you know who they are ) then it does share the mind-space. And the masses actually believe that it is true. Dangerous !

That was when I consolidated my belief in Tesla.

I looked hard at the FUD machine.

And that was about the time when I started my YouTube channel. Firstly to help as many Aussie folks as possible to make a transition to an electric vehicle and preferably a Tesla coz they were far ahead of the competition in every single way.

And secondly to bust them FUDs.

And when my Model X ( SuperMan ) arrived in June of 2018, I was completely enamoured by its ability and to this day I can’t seem to understand why some folks have blind hate for the vehicles.

And secondly to bust them FUDs.

It did take a while for the Mrs to come through but that she did and now she drives a Model S ( Wonder Woman )

And earlier this year ( 2019) I took the next bold step – to invest in TSLA.

That is huge for a person like me who had no clue about stock market or shares and that too in an American company and not an Aussie.

But I feel my journey was complete.

I have invested my hard earned money in a company I strongly believe is gonna change the world.

I have invested my hard earned money in a company I strongly believe is gonna change the world


But today 23.12.2019 I feel vindicated coz the stocks have reached the number which caused the tumble …. $420

Well done Team Tesla.

Well done Elon Musk.

Well done Team Tesla.

Well done Elon Musk.

For the love of all ye Tesla fans out there

Broker’s Nose, NSW, Australia

This is my first 360 degree video of one of my bush walks. This is my cost attempt at a 360 degree video. So please fell free to comment on the video if there is any critique or a kind word.  Do subscribe to my channel for more such videos. To make this work u need the YouTube app and open the video in the app. Then u can turn the view and look around.


Here is a drone view of the gorgeous place.

Why I love the Tesla Community : Soar and Roar 2019


Nearly nothing fazes me.  But there are a few times in life, when I’m completely moved to tears.

This is when someone really goes out of the way to help you move the needle.  They are not related to me in any shape or fashion, but took the effort to promote my fundraising campaign.
In this case, it was for Soar and Roar which proudly supports Special Olympics Australia @SOAustralia

A huge shout out goes to Johnna of Clean Technica for this article promoting both Soar and Roar the event and the Aussie Tesla Team efforts.

Earlier this month my good mate Tesla Tom of Ludicrous Feed made this video too to support my campaign.

You can do your bit too. Click on the link and donate generously.

Check out this link for further details  :