Soar and Roar 2019, 8th December 2019

SOAR AND ROAR for Special Olympics Australia

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How to name it ? What did you name your Tesla ?

Did you know that you can name your Tesla.

Mine are called SuperMan and WonderWoman. They are the ultimate power couple says @DianaandKal

Both Superman and Wonder Woman are not really of this world. One is an extraterrestrial from Krypton and the other is a Amazonian princess. We feel our cars are not of this world either. They are transcendent.

Also both the car and the powerful duo who’s name they bear are silent yet deadly.

But you can name the cars what ever you want.

Did you know the car’s MCU allows 33 characters. So go berserk !!

Note : the Tesla app will only show the first 25 characters though.

Clean your screen. Protect your screen.

This is a short tutorial of how you can clean the screen 📺 on your Tesla. These screen safe absolute fingerprint magnets 🧲 and it does help clean the screen now and again. Now if you want to protect the screen you can use a tempered glass protector for the same.

I use an Abstract Ocean screen protector. Full disclosure : Not a sponsored video.

They did give me a USD10$ discount code if you need to use one : Abstract Ocean’s 10$ discount here

Killalea State Park ~ Hidden 💎 Gem

1$ trips – EV fun !

This is a must visit spot here in the Illawarra. It is a state park which overlook the gorgeous ocean 🌊. And it’s a 🏄‍♀️ surfers paradise.

On all other days it’s a gorgeous gem waiting for you, it’s guests. A secluded 🏖 beach and reasonable waves beckon you.

Don’t know to surf. No worries. Lesson are available on request and need to be pre-arranged. The waves are not too tall and being a protected cove, not too rough either. Great place to learn surfing.

Don’t want to surf. No worries either. The sea and sands provide more than enough entertainment. Sandcastle anyone ?!?

The Farm Market

The first Sunday of every month this place undergoes a stunning transformati9m. This gorgeous place hosts The Farm Market, a fantastic fun getaway ( weather permitting ) – loads of farm produce, food, local music talents to be enjoyed with family and friends !!

PS: forgive me for spoiling the scenery with my bald head 😬😬😬

My first attempt at Decal on SuperMan

This is my first attempt to see if u have steady hands for this sort of thing. These are pre cut Tesla logos from Abstract Ocean

Please feel free to use click on the name to get discounts.

I would love to wrap my car. So I’m gonna take baby steps on gaining more experience. Next step is full chrome delete. This is just a small attempt. And hey this really makes the car stand out.