Sorry Tesla we will NOT agree to this Cash Grab… unless …

Before you @ me … read on to know why …

Said Robyn Denholm

Here I go through some of the point on my option which make this a poor idea. Shortsighted at best. And reeks of Cash Grab !

This is NOT a great idea without some very deep Australia and New Zealnd specific commitments by Tesla

  1. Need all Tesla cars to be made available. Not just a truncated Also Ran list of Cars – that includes real
    Verbal and written commitment to bring all the cars. If some cars are not possible to be brought make it clear from the beginning.
    Case in point : Model S / X / Cybertruck.

This trend of letting people reserve / order the cars – locking them into a loop of financial planning and then telling them sorry is a SAD way of doing business. Does not exude confidence.

  1. Issue of FSD. Need to make it clear. Will it come soon. Or won’t it Come. So many have sold on their car without realising FSD at all. I recently sold my 2020 Model 3. And NO FALSE promises on value of the car increasing with FSD. NO IT when Tesla
    Buys back you car they are NOT offering more coz there is FSD.
  2. Deep commitment on Superchargers. Yes they are opening heaps. And for that we ARE ABSOLUTELY delighted. But more of the outback needs served. So many underserved areas on the South East. Again the argument that ONLY the periphery of Australia is populated is A NON Flyer issue.
  3. MOST importantly establish a battery facility IN AUSTRALIA. Make that strong commitment. Then ask for the incentives.
    Otherwise the Aussie people will consider this a cash grab request.
  4. While we are at it a Tesla AUZ on 𝕏 Handle will be great. Not a must. But It would boost public confidence.

If these deep commitments are strongly addressed then asking for more incentives can be “somewhat” justified. And will be meaningful.

Don’t forget most states have ALREADY some form of incentives for cars.

Hope Robyn will send this message to the board.

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