MASSIVE NEWS : Now any EV can charge in an Aussie Supercharger!!!

BREAKING NEWS : @Tesla opens a massive number of Australian Superchargers to Non Tesla EVs

Our own @Rizflip ( Riz Akthar ) broke the news on @TheDriven_io

Tesla opens a massive number of Superchargers in Australia

Mates, this is breaking news.

Tesla opens up nearly half its supercharger sites in Australia to non-Tesla EVs, and this is brilliant news.

Our very own Riz Akhtar of CarLoop has put this out on and I’ll link that article in the description of this video too.

Now, Tesla opens nearly half its superchargers in Australia. Now, we all know that Tesla superchargers are unparalleled because they have a great 99.5% uptime, which is unparalleled in the industry here in Australia, and they have a massive number of Tesla superchargers. Right now, nearly half of its 63 supercharger sites are now open.

We all know that back in January, they did a pilot project where they opened five sites in New South Wales, like in Bathurst, Dubbo, Holleyden, Noroma and Tamworth to non-Tesla EVs, and now they’re opening nearly half of it.

This is a huge boon to all EVs here in Australia 🇦🇺
thanks @elonmusk

In Tesla’s books as well, this is a great thing because now these superchargers have become money printing machines.

You can now charge money for these superchargers. I’m going to show you the superchargers that are opened.

Tesla founder, CEO Elon Musk had previously said, the company aims to open various parts of the technology and infrastructure.

We know that many of the technology is open sourced in Tesla’s front, and we know that in the US as well, many companies, including Ford and GM, have opted to support Tesla superchargers in their EVs straight away.

I guess that will happen here in Australia as well, and this is great.

Now, let’s look at the superchargers that are supported.

For me, the Berry supercharger opening to non-Tesla superchargers is great. Berry is one of the most gorgeous supercharger sites. It is in a vineyard called Silos Estate, gorgeous site overlooking the vineyard as well.

Berry Supercharger

Campbelltown is now open for non-Tesla EVs. There are other things that are opened.

Campbelltown Tesla Superchargers

So the parity between owning a Tesla and a non-Tesla here in Australia is starting to close with a number of EVs that are coming to our shows. This is a great set of news.

In the last part of this video, I’m also going to show you how to set up your Tesla app so that you can use it to charge your non-Tesla EV. link here : Tesla opens up nearly half of its Supercharger sites in Australia to non-Tesla EVs.

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