ROBOTAXI 2024 is a real possibility| Elon Musk Demonstrates FSD beta V12

Elon Musk on Saturday 26th of August demonstrated FSD beta V12 on his Plaid Model S.

It was a brilliant demo of V12 by @elonmusk and along for the ride was Tesla AI extraordinaire @aelluswamy

Most important things I gleaned from this run :

  1. There is no code to program the real world
  2. Loads and loads of good quality labeled data fed to NN and it learns – learns what a road is, what a traffic light is – what a pedestrian is – what a cyclist is and so on.
  3. Tesla will spend 2M $ in training the compute– NOT the commute – so make it a much more robust self learning network.

Elon Quote : It is not the binary but the weight (mike drop)

Simply mind blowing stuff.

Why u should watch this video:

  1. I have clean up Elon’s drive, sharper images and sped up some silent parts.
  2. Add more Footage of FSD handling similar situations.

I have an multi clip synopsis of the entire FSD beta V12 live stream on 𝕏- click link. ( MUST SEE )

Some of the clips are here to view too. But the 𝕏 thread has so much more.

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