3 thoughts on “Unboxing Tesla Roadster 2020

  1. This was a fantastic video. You are so passionate and excited about anything Tesla. I am sure this is because you drive a Tesla and understand first hand the amazing vehicles they are. Great work Nash.

    1. So kind of u to say that mate. I didn’t realise this video would get so many views. Took me by surprise myself. I guess there are a fair few fanboys like me out there.
      Mate. Ok sure ur time will come. Very Very soon mate.

      1. I think the thing this triggered is the inner child. Something I have written about relating to the Cybertruck. It is really an interesting phenomenon that only the people who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. We have been fed cool sci-fi movies like the cyber truck. But just as importantly we have also been fed movies that show that inner child truly coming to play. You demonstrated that inner passion desire for an image of the real thing but you showed the emotions of the actual car. That’s the inner child. Keep the passion alive. You are doing a great job of showing us all that right now is still fun and interesting and there are some other things to talk about. Great work.

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