Why I love the Tesla Community : Soar and Roar 2019


Nearly nothing fazes me.  But there are a few times in life, when I’m completely moved to tears.

This is when someone really goes out of the way to help you move the needle.  They are not related to me in any shape or fashion, but took the effort to promote my fundraising campaign.
In this case, it was for Soar and Roar which proudly supports Special Olympics Australia @SOAustralia

A huge shout out goes to Johnna of Clean Technica for this article promoting both Soar and Roar the event and the Aussie Tesla Team efforts.

Earlier this month my good mate Tesla Tom of Ludicrous Feed made this video too to support my campaign.

You can do your bit too. Click on the link and donate generously.

Check out this link for further details  :




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