Smart Tesla Summon’s in a NEW age !

Smart summon is hands down the coolest feature in any car, let alone a Tesla. And to think that a car which is over one year old should get it as a ‘free’ software update is unheard of in the car industry.

Any car manufacture worth his salt would have assigned a considerable sum to the cost of this feature. You would have had to haggle for a discount. And this would have invariably required you to either buy a new year model of the car or would have required a hardware upgrade.
Neither the software nor if required hardware update would have been done at the comfort of your home.

That’s where a true market disruptor succeeds isn’t it. Because they do not carry baggage of other OEMs

A draw an analogy to  Apple. When a software is available it’s simply pushed to ALL phones. There is no necessity to go through a service centre. No necessity for the OEM to call you or send you rude emails.

One moment you don’t have the feature and 25 min of an OTA ( over the air ) update done with in the comfort of your home or work place later, your car become better. Gets an absolutely cool feature. Or more range ( let that sink in. Car get MORE range after it’s been delivered to you, for FREE.)

Now let’s say, a hardware upgrade is absolutely necessary for a feature ( the chance of that being small ), Tesla sends out a Mobile Service car and they do the upgrade at your convenience and at a place of your choice.

This is why customer rate their Tesla cars so highly as seen in the recent series of Bloomberg articles. ( click here )

There are four parts to this article and in each part Model 3 is a winner by a long shot. Folks are trading in BMWs and Benz to buy a Model 3. Coz they know it’s a superior car.

These pictures are from Sydney Alexandria Service Centre. These are the cars folks have traded in to grab their Model 3.



And now to the Smart Summon feature itself. Wow. I’m so stunned by the smoothness of this feature. Despite it being still in beta.

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  1. Very true on all fronts. No other car maker has the foresight to do something this disruptive due to fear they lose money. They need to look hard at what Tesla is doing if they want to keep up. Great article Nash.

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