The trip that cost me AU$ 1.00 in Energy ( Fuel )

Yes folks u read it right the trip from Wollongong to Canberra and back cost me all of $1.00

I did this trip in October of 2018. I started my trip from Wollongong with a full charge on my Tesla Model X 75D which gave me about 320 kms of real world range.

Wollongong, NSW to Canberra, ACT is about 245kms so I didn’t actually need to charge one way. Even the onboard map only recommends a 10 min charge at the Goulbourn. But as the Canberra Supercharger was commissioned at that time I did choose to “top up”

If you plan ahead, range anxiety becomes range confidence. I get asked this question a lot. How long will it take to Fully Charge the car. I explain that most times we are just topping up the car. And necessity to charge from zero is small. The number of times when I charge from a single digit charge percentage is quite minuscule. But if you need to know a 5% to 90% charge with my three phase destination charger at home take about 3 hours. As you see from the video below the DC Superchargers are able to put in a lot of bang a lot faster !

Goulburn Supercharger: in a delightful part of town.


This was my first ever Supercharging experience. I was grandfathered into Free Unlimited Supercharger credits. So this was Free !

The Superchargers are adjacent the Goulburn Visitor Information Centre. It’s a tidy little place featuring local arts crafts wine and cheese. But to me the stand out feature has to be the toilets !!!

Graffiti galore ! The walls are signed by artist who play at the annual Australian Blues Music Festival. Note to self: need to come and watch that some day.

Obviously the main event when we reached Canberra were the Orchids !!!

Floriade Australia

Floriade is a diverse, ever expanding program of music, cultural celebrations, food and wine, horticultural workshops, market traders, artistic displays, entertainment and recreational activities. With over one million blooms on display Floriade is the perfect place to experience the beauty of spring.

Floriade Australia

to visit the website ‘Click here‘;

While we were mesmerised by the Orchid in Floriade we still craved for a more personal experience with the orchids. A friend suggested a private orchid garden which allowed viewing for a small fee. And tell u that was absolutely worth it.

See for yourselves !

Tulip Top Gardens

Tulip Top Gardens click here for more details

Now if you have made it to the end then you are probably wondering where did that AU$ 1.00 go !?!?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Well AGL ( my energy provider ) has an EV plan when in I pay 1$ per day for “all u can eat” unlimited charge. And as SuperMan was grandfathered into Unlimited Supercharger. So there u have it.

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