For putting up with me for 15 long and arduous years ….. and ‘Thank You’ Tesla Sydney team !

This is a story of how I surprised the wife of 15 years on our anniversary.

2019 Jan we completed 15 year as man and wife.

But this story starts a few months earlier. In August 2018 I decided that the best surprise gift for the wife for putting up with me for 15 years would be a Tesla Model S. But I had only purchased the X a few months earlier and this was one Huge Tesla Stretch.

I needed help. I looked at Pre Owned cars in Tesla’s Aussie website. But really didn’t like the one I saw. Either they were P100Ds which were way beyond my budget ( stretch or otherwise ) or they were Pre 2013 Model S which I didn’t want.

Also I was particular about Multi Coat Red.

I know. I know. Beggars can’t be choosers they say. But it turns out that Beggars Can Be Chooser if you are begging at Tesla’s door step.

I know. I know. Beggars can’t be choosers they say. But it turns out that Beggars Can Be Chooser if you are begging at Tesla’s door step.

I called Sydney offices with regards to a Pre-Owned car on the website. It was a grey car. When they heard the intent for this purchase, they said that they had a red Demo Model S 75D I Sydney. But the catch was I needed to purchase it right away.

Damn!!! I couldn’t do that. I wanted this to be surprise in Jan 2019 and this was still August 2018 remember. The price was right. And I really wanted the car. Tesla Sydney suggested that to purchase the car and leave it at a friends. Couldn’t do that. Coz wife and I have common friends. Will ruin the surprise.

I told Tesla that the wife is travelling to India on holiday in December. I am happy to buy the car now. And even pay the loan if they would keep the car till December. They said that was not possible and that ended the conversation.


Or so I thought…..but 5 days later the representative called back to tell me that Tesla was willing to park the car till December for me as the intention was really sweet and they wanted to help a customer. WoW.

Then they added the cherry 🍒 on top. I only need to pay the AUD 5000 to secure the car. And the loan can commence from when I took actually delivery of the car in December !!! Mind blown 🤯

These chaps went over and beyond to help me surprise my wife.

The story actually gets better if that was possible. I took my time to make the decision, about 2 weeks. During that time the price was adjusted and the price went up on the website. When I finally was really to pull the plug ( it was a Friday ) I was sad to see the price go up. I called them again. And Lo and behold…..they came back the same afternoon and agreed to keep the price the same that they initially quoted.

Tesla. Hats off mates.

You went above and beyond to help me.

PS : I bought that car and she became Wonder Woman

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