How it all began

It was one fine summer morning, about three and half years ago, when I found myself wandering around Martin Place, Sydney. I had landed in Australia 🇦🇺 only a few days prior after a long struggle to get the necessary accreditation to work here. Obviously I was new in town back then. A high school friend of mine from my home country, was to meet me in CBD that day. I had, by a “lucky mishap” missed my original bus stop and got out at Martin Place instead.

As I was walking around, I chanced upon the Tesla showroom. I had heard about the Tesla brand and the mad genius CEO who ran the show, Elon Musk. Although I had seen some pictures in a few magazines, none could have prepared me for my first meeting with Model X.

A majestic beauty. And she had me at the Falcon wing doors. Then one of the floor managers came along to show me various features and quirks of the car. Some of the features in the car were straight out of science fiction. I kept telling myself that only a total nerd would have decided to put these in. ( case in point, autopilot lock at 88mph – a tip of the hat to Back to the Future )

There weren’t too many people in the showroom that day and I was given the choice of requesting a test drive for the following weekend.

That was when I made up my mind. It was just a 75D that I drove. But that was more than enough to sell the idea – that my next car had to be a Tesla Model X. But not all things go according to plan do they? My first job was in Darwin, NT. The supercharger scene even in NSW back then was not as robust as it is now. There was, NO WAY, I was gonna get one in Northen Territory.

So I decided to play the waiting game. Every time I came to Sydney for a conference or otherwise I’d find excuses to visit Tesla Showroom in Martin Place. Then it became an obsession that I’d find pretexts to visit a Tesla showroom in Melbourne or Brisbane every time I went to those cities on short business stints.

But I knew my number was coming. And when I finally landed a job in Wollongong, I told myself. Mate go for it. It’s now or never.

That is how I finally purchased my Model X 75D. My very own …. Superman.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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